Birthday Week!

This post will be pretty short as I just need to cover the week up to and including my birthday… and then tackle my trip to Vegas! Which was a LOT of pictures to go through. so that one is still in the works.

July 18th, my friend Jen came over to have a girls’ night. I made a pizza for dinner and she picked up a Dairy Queen Treatzza Pizza for us to share 🙂 Ahhhh childhood memories.

The next morning I decided to eat healthy at work to make up for the very unhealthy night before hahaha. I made some scrambled egg whites!

Lunch was a turkey and spinach wrap. Healthy and delish!

After work I headed to the gym to tan (I know, I know, not good for me. But I was heading to Vegas the next week and didn’t want to burn while down there).

I accidentally stopped at Target for a few things….

Raja was so pumped.

I just love having short hair 🙂

The most perfect, prissy princess.

I found a way to drink a protein shake without hating it that week! I added one vanilla Premier Protein shake, 2 tablespoons of PB2, and a handful of ice cubes to a shaker bottle and shook it all together. Easy peasy 3 Weight Watchers smartpoints peanut butter shake!

I don’t get a ton of sun on my balcony, but I do get to witness some gorgeous sunsets 🙂

Saturday the 22nd, I got up early and headed downtown to the farmers market… for a poke bowl. It’s my favorite thing in the world right now! Basically deconstructed sushi. I like to treat myself to it twice a month at the market.

That evening I grilled potatoes and a steak from my freezer. I loooove grilling. (Thanks for passing that love down, dad!)

Sunday was a lazy day, as per usual. Especially for the Raja.

I got a crazy burst of energy in the afternoon though, and organized my cookbooks! I got rid of about 50 of them as well (not that you can tell). All the remaining books were put into specific categories. My goal is to start utilizing them more often.

After all of that, I relaxed with Raja for a bit.

Ugh. My perfect boy.

Trying on my swimsuit for Vegas, baby!

On the 26th, one of my coworkers surprised me with a thoughtful and creative early birthday gift: a coupon to dinner at her house! So sweet!

That afternoon, I was surprised AGAIN! Tony had flowers delivered to me as an early birthday present 🙂 He lives 2.5 hours away and still managed to surprise me and make my day special.

After work, I went home and grabbed some wine (yes I dressed him like that) and headed over to my friend Carrie’s house.

She had made butternut squash enchiladas and they were PHENOMENAL.

She also surprised me with this amazing CAT game for my birthday.

It’s basically Pictionary… but with cats. Hahahaha

Midnight- officially my birthday! We took a shot to celebrate 🙂

The next morning I headed home to spend my birthday with family. My mom, grandma, aunt, and I went out to lunch.

They gave me a free dessert 🙂

The afternoon was spent with my mom. We mainly hung out in the backyard and chatted. My parents’ back yard is my happy place (as I’ve said a bajillion times)

That evening I met up with my sisters and cousin to get dinner at Paradiso. It’s our favorite Mexican restaurant. And you eat free on your birthday 🙂

After dinner my sister and I took her pup over to our cousins house to have a playdate with their puppy. They are so crazy when they play and it’s the funniest thing.

The next morning, we headed to my parents house for a bit and I finalized packing for my trip to Vegas. Boo sits backwards in the car and is all tall like a human. It kills me hahaha.

Then my sister drove me to the airport. Stay tuned for that post- it’ll be a big one!


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