August 2017- A Month In One Post

 That title sounds pretty daunting right? Well fear not. I’m not going to post every single thing I did in August, but rather just a condensed version of events and highlights.

At the beginning of the month, Tony came to town and I made a lasagna for dinner. (The flowers in the back are the ones he had delivered for my birthday. They looked that amazing for about 3 weeks!)

The next morning we went to the Farmers Market because we love it so. (PS check out that sweet shirt I scored for him at Kohls… $1.28!)

I got some radioactively huge green onions.

Then Tony had his first try of “all you can eat” sushi! Wooooo hoooo! (His face hahahaha)

That evening we met up with my friend Chelsea and her husband for a drink.

The next day (Sunday the 6th), Tony and I drove to my hometown for my family reunion picnic. SO much food. And so many good times with family.

Ahhh my beautiful babies. I take their pictures basically every day.

After work the following Thursday, I went to my coworker’s house to watch the pyrotechnic firework show at the fairground from her back porch.

 They were HUGE and absolutely incredible! Saturday night I went out to dinner with some of my friends from work.

And Tony came to town!

Ugh. When you ask your giant of a boyfriend to take a picture of the two of you…

Later that night we went to Carrie’s house for a couple drinks and board games.

We were lazy the next day.

But I did get my butt up and made my crockpot buffalo chicken dip and baked mac and cheese (Tony’s request) for dinner.

The next week at work, my new coworker surprised me with a cat grip for my phone hahaha.

I used it to take a selfie in the bathroom at my Weight Watchers meeting 😛

I’ve been trying hard to stick with the Dave Ramsey system and not buy stuff I don’t need. It’s been going pretty well! Once my cash for each category is gone- it’s gone. So I try to spend wisely. I was pretty proud of my use of coupons and sale-hunting to spend so little on groceries I needed (well the pop was a WANT but I had a coupon and made it fit into the budget 🙂 )

The following weekend, my friend Kristen came to town.

We of course hit up the Farmers Market Saturday morning.

And she tried her first Poke Bowl!

We wandered around some stores and window shopped.

Got an iced coffee (I hadn’t had a Starbucks in months, so yes, I think it was an okay treat 🙂 )

That evening I made grilled chicken and mushrooms.

Sunday evening, I wanted to use some things up from my pantry. So I decided on gnocchi with homemade tomato cream sauce. NOM.

The next night I took a healthier dinner route and made my Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice.

My coworker brought in a creepy (but kinda cute) little gnome for our office area and he has started leaving little notes.

More grilled chicken for dinner with mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms. I will forever love Carrie and her husband for introducing me to this dish!

Okay. We are to the 24th of August. We can do this!

Random selfie: check.

Elliot the gnome and his newest note plus a Wendy’s frosty from my other coworker: check.

A list of reasons why I love Fall: check!

The next day was Friday and I had Summer Hours at work, so I got off at noon. I met up with Carrie for a sushi lunch. (Way cheaper at lunch time!)

The next day I went to the Farmers Market by my lonesome.

And then…. I cleaned my carpets. (Exciting life that I live)

While I cleaned the carpets, I defrosted a steak so it’d be ready to grill that evening. And as I sat down to eat it, Raja promptly stole a big chunk from my plate.

I ended the evening with a much needed glass of wine and a bubble bath.

More carpet cleaning on Sunday… YAY.

And more grilled chicken!

Sometimes they get along.

I walked into my bedroom to find the wicked witch’s legs stickin out hahahaha. I laugh every time I see this picture. I just can’t handle it! :’)

I worked on a lot of paintings last month. I’m hoping to try and sell them someday.

A little lipstick never hurt anyone, right?

The last day of August: we had a potluck at work! It was in honor of the NDSU Bison so naturally, I wore my rival Sioux shirt. I like chaos.

Then I went to my friend Danielle’s house to craft!

She lives in a small town and the view was so beautiful.

And I found veggies on the way home at a free stand!

It was a pretty great month!


  1. Susie says:

    All your chicken dishes look divine! I wish I liked sushi, but I just don’t do fish. And that mac and cheese looks rich and sinful, yum. Are those colorful kitchen items in that pic the Pioneer Woman line?

    I love that pic of you going to the Farmers Market…you are a natural beauty! Such great skin. What’s your secret?

    Oh, and Tony better watch out because I think “Elliot” has a crush on you, LOL!

    • Anna says:

      Oh man I wish I DIDN’T like sushi… I’m obsessed haha! Yes those are from the Pioneer Woman line. I adore her! It’s all so country/farmhouse cute.
      You are too kind. I can tell you that that was just good lighting haha. My skin is far from perfect 🙁 I’m looking into some new skin care products to help hopefully smooth it out some.
      And yes! Elliott is a creeper! 😂

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