Finally On To September!

You guys…. I am FINALLY getting caught up here haha. We are officially into posts about September. I realize it is now the beginning of October, but I’m doing my best to catch up! I’ve been spending a lot of time painting lately and have slacked a bit on the blogging.

On September 2rd, Tony and I went to the Farmers Market.

There were a ton of veggies and we also saw this giant freaking watermelon. SO HUGE.

And Poke Bowl… because it’s my life.

We wandered around some stores and ended up looking at Halloween costumes.

That night we made chicken with veggies!

On Sunday we went to Junkyard Brewery so Tony could try a new beer and I could get their nitro brewed coffee 🙂

He headed home that evening and I started working on my Halloween costume. Can you guess what it is?

I wanted to partake in the “back to school” pictures everyone had been posting of their kiddos on Facebook.

On the 6th, I used my lunch break to try and audition for American Idol.

But there were hundreds of people there, so it was a no go. At least I can say I attempted it!

Plus I came home to this little cutie patootie 😀

If my baby loves a box, he gets to keep it. I just doctor it up a bit 😉

The following Friday, I got off work at noon and met up with my friend Charlene for a quick lunch. I was extra pumped because the lunch prices were CRAZY inexpensive!

The next morning we headed out to the lake! My mom, dad, nephew, Tony, and I piled into the car and made the hour drive to my aunt and uncle’s place. It’s a beautiful area <3

We decided to go into town to grab lunch before going out on the water. We stopped at a little café and got burgers. They were delicious!

When we got back to the lake, my nephew caught a butterfly and it sat on his hand for about 10 minutes before flying away! It was crazy.

Once the food settled a bit, we headed out on my uncle’s pontoon for a 2 hour ride.

We got out at one point and into the water, but even though the air was comfortable- the water was FREEZING!

The lake is my happy place.

We left my uncle’s house around 5 pm and stopped at Popeye’s for dinner… look at this tray of food HAHA!

The next day (Sunday) Tony and I made grilled chicken with mozzarella and sundried tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms.

On Monday, I made a deconstructed “stuffed pepper” casserole. It was healthy and delish!

Oh I just love Fall.

My favorite section of my pantry haha. I am a sucker for condiments, dips, and sauces. Anyone else?

On Friday the 15th, I drove to Tony’s house 2.5 hours away. It was raining but I got to see this beauty for most of the drive.

When I got there, he was working on a wood-burning art project <3

Saturday morning we got up early and road-tripped about a half hour to a neighboring town where a giant flea market was taking place. It. Was. HUGE. I found my Heaven, you guys. I found it haha. There were beautiful handmade crafts, Tupperware sales people, movies and games, antiques, tools, food, and concession stands. It was incredible.

I accidentally bought 5 jars of different homemade jams… and I regret NOTHING. They were being sold for $3! $3!!!! That is so much less expensive than I ever see anywhere else. After walking around the shopping areas, we went to have a pork chop! SO GOOD.

Then we headed towards the machinery section. Not really MY thing, but a lot of people were loving that area. Giant tractors, trains, cranes, beautiful cars, etc.

And then… we found ANIMALS. BEST DAY EVER!

Tony goes to this event every year with his dad, and they always get the fried dough “fet kuchen” so we had to try it. Perfect treat to share.

Here is a terrifying carousel of dolls and stuffed animals for your viewing pleasure.

This church looked so so beautiful against the overcast sky.

I didn’t realize this event was in a field, and I wore super flat sandals… after 2.5 hours of walking, I was a bit ready to die. LUCKILY. We found a little ice cream shop and a vanilla malt took my woes away 😉

When we left, we stopped to take some pictures of the scenery. I’m lucky that Tony and I share the love of photography. He is more than willing to pull to the side of the road so we can capture a beautiful picture.

We decided to go to Dollar General and inevitably try on some scary masks.

After that trip, we went to church in town, and then got dinner at Pepperjacks. THEY ARE SO GOOD. And you can dish up your own au jus which is literally one of my very favorite things in the world.

The next morning I saw a squirrel outside Tony’s place and we had a stare down.

Then he got closer and I got scared hahahah.

Hippie selfie.

Tony’s pup!

We decided to go out for a drive and he ended up taking me to his favorite spot down by the river. And I could see why he loves it down there.

He’s so cute.

Great shoes for climbing through rocks, ANNA.

It was the most relaxing time. I could walk around looking at these kind of views all day long.

When we got back to his house, we picked some veggies from the garden and found some wood for me to take home and paint. He even sanded them down for me.

The drive back home wasn’t too shabby to look at either.

We’ll stop there I think. I’ll cover the second half of September another time 😉 Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. Susie says:

    My guess is you will be a mermaid for Halloween…?
    Your cat pics made me laugh and Tony’s pup is so cute! What is her/his name?
    I love that pic of Tony hugging you at the lake -goofy faces and all but it’s so sweet!
    OMG, that flea market sounds awesome. I get excited over simple things too. I didn’t dig that doll carousel though..creepy indeed. I love antiques, but not big on the dolls!

    • Anna says:

      YES! Mermaid 😀 I am so so excited to put it all together and see the final product.
      His pup’s name is Macey 🙂 she is the tiniest little fire cracker!!
      The flea market was out of this world. It was so big and literally something for everyone! But yes… the doll carousel.. who comes up with that kinda stuff?! :’)

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