Stuffed Pepper Poppers!

My dad makes the BEST cream cheese stuffed peppers. They are so freaking good. When I go home to visit and he grills us a meal, I can usually look forward to a him also grillin up a batch of peppers. Here is a picture of one of his delicious batches. *Drool*

His peppers are always phenomenal. And he doesn’t really follow a recipe, but more so just throws in what sounds good or what he has on hand. But the basics are often cream cheese, blue cheese, and bacon. So I basically followed the same idea to stuff these ones.

He will often cut the pepper in half, stuff it, then wrap it in bacon, but I was much to lazy to attempt that haha. So I just added crumbled bacon to the cream cheese mixture. My sister, dad, and I stuffed a TON of peppers last weekend (my parents grow tons of them in their garden) and dad actually used his jerky gun to speed up the process. It was amazing. He crumbled bacon into the mixture and it worked well, so I decided to do the same for mine.

One of the absolute best things about these peppers is that they freeze really well! When we make big batches like this, we divide them into servings and seal them tightly, then freeze until ready to bake or grill.



•2, 8 oz packages of cream cheese
•1 small container of crumbled blue cheese
•1 small package of crumbled bacon (or 5-6 slices cooked and crumbled)
•variety of small peppers (such as jalapeños. I used about an ice cream bucket’s worth or about 50 peppers)
•1 tsp garlic powder
•salt and pepper to taste


Cut the tops off of the peppers and scrape out the membrane and seeds from inside (*I highly recommend wearing gloves for this process so the hot pepper juice doesn’t touch your hands*). Also, I forgot to take a picture of me cutting the peppers at my house, so here’s a close up of our team work at my parents’ house haha. Set the peppers aside.

Add the cream cheese, blue cheese, and crumbled bacon to a medium sized bowl.

Mix everything together.

Add garlic powder and salt and pepper (yes mine are in cat shakers) and mix really well.

Using a small spoon, stuff the mixture into the peppers. I found it also helpful to have some kind of skewer around to help really push the mixture into the peppers.

After they are stuffed, you can bake or grill them until tender and gooey, or package them up and freeze for future use!

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