The Rest Of September ’17!

OKAY. I’m trying hard to stop getting behind on posts, so this is the rest of September in one post. But it’s not incredibly long, so no worries 🙂

I had Friday the 22nd off from work and Tony came to town. We started the day with a photoshoot! My friend Amanda started a photography company so she wanted to get some different types of pictures under her belt. Tony and I did a “couples” shoot with her (I say couples because these were NOT engagement photos haha!) I LOVE every single one! These were taken by A. Jewell Photography 🙂 We took some downtown and a few in a big open park. It was fun to find different spots! (Even though my tights fell down a couple times as we walked hahahaha). I picked out a few of my favorites to share with you all.

This one is without a doubt my very favorite. Tony is a full foot taller than me, so I love that she had us do this shot!

After the photoshoot, Tony and I went to Drunken Noodle to get our favorite pork belly ramen. It is SO GOOD.

Once we were stuffed, we wandered around some stores for awhile and then headed home to relax… and try COOKIE BUTTER OREOS. They are definitely my new favorite. But then again, anything cookie butter will be at the top of my list 😉

“Can I have an Oreo pleeeeeeeeease?”

We grilled up some brats for dinner.

And my best friend Hannah came to town for the night!

We were pretty lazy on Saturday.

Sunday morning started with egg white burritos (and potato salad apparently)

After breakfast we decided to drive out in the country for a bit and see where we ended up. We made it to a tiny town and turned back around as there was nothing to do there haha. We did stop at our favorite antique place though 🙂

After Tony went home, I did some painting!

… and this one stared at me judging with his judge-y face.

Her too.

Lunch break on Monday meant a quick outfit selfie!

After work I grilled up some chicken for the week.

The next day at work, there was cake in the breakroom… but someone also cut up a giant cantaloupe too! I for once in my life chose FRUIT over a dessert treat!

I went to get groceries after work and when I got home, I unloaded the cold stuff and put it away. Then I left a couple bags while I went to take a nice bubble bath. I heard crinkling from the kitchen during my bath and came out to find THIS ONE had bitten holes all throughout my new tortillas. She ALWAYS ruins breads and such by biting tons of holes in the package. She doesn’t even eat any of it!! Just bites holes because she is RUDE. Literally. Look at that face. NO REMORSE.

That sunset <3

Someone brought a giant cantaloupe into work, so I snatched it up (It’s the only fruit I actually truly LIKE). This baby was just under 7 pounds!

I got to work cleaning apples Tony gave me the week before and chopping the cantaloupe.

I grilled wings at the same time… don’t grill wings while doing other things. Honestly. It won’t lead to anything but verrrrrrry charred bits of bird haha! They still tasted great somehow, but I wish I hadn’t walked away from the grill!

Heyyyyyy cutie. I took a picture of him before heading to my sister’s house with Tony after work on the 29th.

We woke up to sausage, fresh grated hashbrowns, waffles, and farm fresh eggs on Saturday! My sister is amazing.

She also dried me fresh apple slices! 30 trays of apples to be exact! We packaged them up into one apple serving sizes 🙂 LOVE HER.

Super cute couple, I know.

After eating and my sister sawing up some painting wood for me, we headed to town to my parents’ house to help with yardwork.

My sister’s dog Boo. She is perfect <3

Harvested the last of the veggies before chopping down the garden. Winter comes fast in North Dakota so we don’t leave our plants up too late into the Fall.

Boo was super helpful… at grabbing sticks 😉

I could not bring myself to chop down the flowers and just toss them. I couldn’t. So I made myself a little bouquet to take home 🙂

Once everything was done in the yard, Tony and I went inside to freshen up and change clothes. I looked out the living room window and saw my dad and Boo napping in the backyard :’)

I tried to sneak out and get a closer picture… CRAP THEY SAW ME. Hahahahaha!

Tony and I went to my favorite antique store in my home town called Junk With Spunk. They’re only open a couple weekends a month usually, so I was thrilled to get to go! We found a kick-a$$ sign for our future home 🙂

We also saw this creepy baby piggy bank… that I almost bought to scare visitors.

That evening my sister, dad, and I made stuffed peppers (recipe here)! My dad makes theeeeeeee best stuffed peppers ever. He usually does cream cheese, blue cheese, and bacon. But he also switches it up sometimes. It’s always great!

Tony took my nephew to a hockey game that evening so Cassie and I went back to her house to watch Netflix and hang out with Boo. She’s only 9 months old, so she is still very much a hyper puppy, but she can also be the cuddliest thing in the world.

The whole family went to church together the next morning 🙂

It was Cassie’s birthday so we all went out to Paradiso for lunch. After that, Tony and I headed back to my place since he had to drive an additional 2.5 hours past there to go home. Once I finished unpacking, I went to have a snack… and promptly dropped a full container of sour cream on the floor. And wall. And door.

I did find a heart-shaped chip at least. So that was cool.

Rogue was listening to me sing to myself. Ugh my heart.

I’m going to end this post with some grapes that everyone should try! They are called gum drop grapes, and if you see them at the store, I HIGHLY recommend buying some. They are sweet and heavenly!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Some questions for ya:

~ do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

~what are you doing for Halloween (if anything)?


  1. Susie says:

    I love your catch-up posts!
    Your couple photos are simply adorable. I hope you’re displaying a few in your home.

    Cookie butter Oreo’s? Oh my, I will have to keep an eye out for those babies.

    I loved the Pillsbury dough boy cookie jar in your shopping pic, but not that scary baby bank. It gave me the shudders. Hey, are you planning on selling your paintings? You should look into an Etsy shop.

    Your dad and Boo pics were hilarious, haha! And your bouquet was gorgeous.

    This weekend we are driving up to Lake Tahoe for some R&R. Looking forward to it. Have a great week!

    • Anna says:

      Thank you for all the kind words!
      YES. Look out for cookie butter Oreos…they were SO GOOD. And now I can’t find them anywhere!
      RIGHT?! That baby bank creeped me right out hahaha
      I’ve thought about trying to sell them, just not sure they’re good enough for people to want to buy haha.
      Have so much fun at Lake Tahoe! That sounds like a perfect weekend!! 🙂 Nothing better than the lake!

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