Changing Leaves and Craft Fairs! Hello FALL!

Fall is definitely in full force in North Dakota. I am LOVING the color-changing leaves and cool breezes.

A couple weeks ago, I went home to hang out with my sister Cassie for the weekend. I drove there Friday night, and when I arrived she grilled up some steaks and roasted a ton of veggies for us. SO GOOD!

Her dog Boo is my princess. I’m obsessed with her.

She’s not even a year old and has grown THIS MUCH.

On Saturday morning, we went to town to visit with our parents for a bit. The leaves changing on their street made me feel so happy and cozy.

Cass and I spent the morning at a craft fair that was in town. I am a SUCKER for these kind of things. I love crafts and seeing what people come up with!

Like WINE JAM! Helloooo.

After the craft fair, we saw some garage sale signs and couldn’t pass them up! I mean… look at how beautiful of a day it was.


We eventually ended up outside of town following some “barn sale” signs… we started getting nervous that we were driving out to be lured into a murderville or something because these barns were way outside of town. But we eventually found them and they were basically little antique stores/flea markets!

How cute is this kid’s playhouse?! It was so detailed!

My garage sale finds. Ooooh yeah. Never before used ice cream maker for $10! (Plus Lula Roe leggings and some awesome books). I love garage sales!

Once we finished shopping around, we went to my cousin and his wife’s house for puppy play date time. Echo likes to creep on people hahaha. And she gets so so excited to see her best friend Boo! This picture kills me every time I look at it :’)

Coffee time for me. It always tastes better at my cousin’s house!

They have the most incredible sunlight in their house. Selfie!

That evening the family went out to Parrot’s Cay for some dinner. Their wings… oh my. They are WELL known for their wings in these parts. I got buffalo which were great, but I tried my cousin’s peanut butter wings and ho-ly crap. Incredible!

We took Boo on a walk late Sunday morning before I headed back home. She is so beautiful.

And then I came home to this one… starin’ up a storm like the little creep she is.

And the cuddlebug! Gah, I love them so much.

I had the following Monday off from work so I cleaned the apartment and baked a chicken to eat with salad throughout the week.

And I binge-watched Real Housewives while cuddling this guy.

Tuesday was pretty chilly, so I was pumped to finally break out the more “Fall-type” boots!

I also finally got myself an essential oil diffuser to try and combat the bad headaches I get. I really love it so far!

I make sure to use it in a big open room with the fan on and windows open, just in case. I never want to do anything that could potentially harm/irritate my cats.

Healthy lunch and this little cutie patootie watching the leaves blow outside.

Fall sunsets are the BEST.

Tony had last Friday off from work so he came to town that Thursday night and we grilled up some brats!

….. I kind of like condiments.

I had to work on Friday, but he lunch ready and waiting so we could spend my break together 🙂 He is wonderful. Truly.

That night we went to a bar where my friend Carrie works for dinner and a couple drinks.

Tony and I played darts and I actually got a bullseye! I can’t remember the last time I ever attempted to play, but we had so much fun.

Saturday morning= Farmers Market for us. Last week we went specifically to try Lucid Bakery’s cookie dough in a waffle cone. We stood in line in the rain for a lonnnng time for it haha. But it was pretty tasty. It was egg-free and vegan too!

Saturday night, we went to church, and then came home and painted some pumpkins together! It was so much fun 🙂 I love that Tony is willing to do crafty things with me, and he actually enjoys it too! He is incredibly artistic.

While we painted, I made us a plate of whipped cream cheese and pepper jam with pita chips to snack on.

We had baked wings and Caesar salad for dinner 🙂

Our finished pumpkins!

Thanks for stopping by! It feels so good to finally be caught up again with these life posts 🙂 Here’s a cat picture to tide you over til the next post haha!

Questions for you:

  1. Do you like to paint or carve pumpkins?
  2. Are you a big Halloween fan?


  1. Susie says:

    Wow, that playhouse! I think it may actually qualify as a tiny house, which is all the rage right now.

    Great garage sale scores…I’ve been wanting to read Body Book by Cameron Diaz.

    You are obviously a cat lady, but would you ever seriously consider getting a dog?

    How sweet that Tony crafts with you! My husband would never, haha! I’m waiting for my toddler to grow up a little and craft with me. Right now she just makes a mess of all my supplies lol!

    • Anna says:

      Oh I LOVE dogs. What’s funny is that I grew up disliking cats. An ex of mine had cats in the family and I soon fell in love with them. And then I got MY babies, and the rest is history haha 🙂
      Awww he’s missing out on how fun crafting can be then! I hope your kiddo loooves arts and crafts when she gets older 🙂

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