Put On Your Crafty-Pants: Rustic Holiday Card Display

I’ve been wanting to make a holiday card holder for quite awhile. I’ve seen them in stores and thought they were so cute, but also often really expensive! I wanted to try and make my own. That way I could stick to a budget AND make it exactly to my tastes 🙂

I love how my display turned out. I think it would also be cute to use year round as a picture display. You can just change up the decorations, or make them less specific to any holiday/season so you can leave it up all year.

What you need:

•mini clothespins
•hot glue gun (and glue sticks)
•decorations of your choice
•a scissors

*screwdriver and screws if your boards are not yet put together*


How to make it:

I was lucky enough to get to go scavenging through a wood pile with my sister one day and come across this wood piece. We figure someone had made it for a window and then decided not to use it.

But you can use any shape/size wood you like. If you have a few boards laying around, you can position them how you like and then screw them together.

I started at the top left corner. I wrapped the twine around the outside left edge about 5 times, and then knotted it in the back to keep it secure.

Once secure, I pulled the twine downward at an angle to the outter right board. I wrapped it again about 5 times, then continued the same pattern (criss-crossing at slight downward angles and wrapping) until I reached the bottom of the wood.

Once I got to the bottom right corner, I wrapped it well, and secured it with a knot in the back.

Next I revved up my hot glue gun and added the pine branches/pine cones to both top corners of the wood.

Once it dried, I hot-glued the stars onto the bottom of the branches to cover up the glue/not so pretty part of the pine branch.

Next, I added the tiny clothes pins evenly throughout the twine. You’ll want to space them out enough to fit each card/picture without them all overlapping.

The big burlap bow had a twisty tie on it, so I decided to just wrap it well around the top of the board instead of gluing it on. That way I could even switch the top middle spot out some time if desired.

The finished product!


  1. Susie says:

    This turned out great! I love the natural and simple look of it – I’m drawn to rustic and vintage styles for sure. This would make a great gift. Homemade gifts are the best.

    • Anna says:

      Thank you! I am totally drawn to rustic things too. And farmhouse style decor as well. I had a lot of friends saying they wanted one so I posted the tutorial since I can’t make one for everyone haha! 🙂

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