A Whole Lotta Halloween!

I was really in the Halloween spirit this year, and kind of spread the holiday out over about a week with different activities and events. The week before, I was finishing up my costume, and then wondered how I would create my dad’s costume. I found a gold envelope that I had saved from a sweatshirt I ordered online a year ago, and a light went off! Perfect for a Poseidon costume since he is the king of the sea and has a golden trident and crown 🙂

Two Thursdays before Halloween, I went to my friend Carrie’s house after work for a bit. We ended up having boozy egg nog (from Costco!) in her Christmas Vacation moose glasses. SO FUN.

The next day, someone at work brought some Halloween decorations over to my coworker and I. Naturally I had to wear one of them.

I also took this basket home as instructed since I’m so obsessed with cats hahaha.

My friend Jen came over that night for a girl’s night.

She thinks my apartment is super cozy which makes me happy. I always want people to feel warm and welcome when they come over.

Saturday morning I got up to run some errands. The sky looked absolutely incredible.

Listen: when bacon (fancy bacon at that!) is $2.99, you stock up!

My dream is to one day open my own coffee shop. So I was sitting around that afternoon and decided I should make a basic girl (or basic b*tch) box to sell there someday. It would literally be a box full of the most typical “basic” girl items. I had fun with it, but it honestly could actually be a potential idea one day haha!

That night I tried on my costume to make sure it looked alright… judging by Rogue’s reaction, I am not meant to be a blonde 😛

On the following Monday, my boss came back from her lunch break with a surprise gift for me… cat pants. I laughed so hard. She knows me too well! :’)

Just a typical day at the office.

Ugh. He is SO PERFECT.

On the 25th, I got a burst of energy after work and decided to do a project I’ve been contemplating for awhile. It’s a holiday greeting card holder 🙂 I love how it turned out. (It’s about 4 feet tall).

She sits so awkwardly sometimes. I just love it.

That following Thursday, I made a Caesar after work. It was so good! I was pretty proud of myself 🙂

The next morning, Tony came to town and we headed up to my hometown to make cookies with my cousins, sister, and grandma. We usually get together to make grandma’s frosted sugar cookies (they are to die for) at Christmas time, but we thought: “hey, who says we have to wait til then?!” and decided to make some Halloween-ish ones too.

My cousin and his wife have a nice big kitchen so we had tons of room to have different “stations.”

There were a couple of casualties…

I brought a unicorn cutter and cat cutters. I love how the cookies turned out with them!

Tony’s… uh… beautiful creation.

The aftermath.

And the completed products!

These cuties wanted to help make cookies too! 😉

Here’s something funny about this shirt… I actually don’t usually LOVE pizza that much… but somehow the day I wore this shirt- we had pizza twice! Haha! What are the odds?!

These two were tuckered out after playing together all day.

The sky was absolutely beautiful when Tony and I left my cousin’s house.

The next morning, my sister, Tony, and I went to Target for a few last minute Halloween things. I found this pumpkin Starbucks coffee, and OH MY YUM. It was delicious!

Tony went to meet up with some of his friends, and my sister and I went to Tyler Perry’s Boo 2 at the movie theatre. Cass is obsessed with Madea movies, and I love them too. It was really good and I highly recommend it!

After the movie, we all met up at my parents’ house to get ready for our church’s Fall Festival. My sister and I have gone the past 3 years, and absolutely love it. Everyone dresses in costumes, they have a big dinner, and there are games, along with silent and live auctions.

I was a mermaid.

Tony was a shark, and my dad was Poseidon.

Cassie was Madea hahaha.

We had a lot of fun, but it was a lonnnnnng night!

The next day, Tony and I went to church with my family, then stopped for brunch at Red Pepper. SO GOOD. It’s the most iconic place to eat in my hometown and you can’t NOT go there when you visit haha.

After eating, we went home to the kitties to spend time with them on National Cat Day! 😀

Tony also brought me some giant pinecones he got years ago on a trip to Croatia. I am obsessed with them next to my TV 🙂

On ACTUAL Halloween, we had a potluck at work.

That evening I went to Carrie’s house to trick or treat with her family. It was cold out, but we had a good time!

Once her kiddos went to bed, we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show and had some drinks. It was a perfectly relaxing night.

How was your Halloween??


  1. Susie says:

    This post was so fun! Thank you for entertaining me on my coffee break.
    Your mermaid costume came out amazing! You and Tony are too cute. And so is your dad and sister. And cats! Can’t forget those, lol.

    I love how you filled a glass jar with pine cones…I am so copying that!

    • Anna says:

      Your comments always make my day 🙂 you are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. And yes- the pinecones in the glass jar. DO IT. Such a simple and cute decoration!

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