Thanksgiving and Getting Ready for Christmas!

My mom let me know that it’s been 20 days since my last post, so I figured I should probably get my butt in gear and get caught up (thanks for the motivation, ma!) So let’s get this train rolling by jumping back to Thanksgiving.

Tony and I were both lucky enough to have Thanksgiving off from work, so he came with me to my family’s get together. We made a coffee for the drive and I used a cute tumbler I got about 10 years ago when I worked at Cold Stone. I think it was my first time using it, haha. But I’ve kept it all these years as a momento and because it’s really freaking adorable!

My Thanksgiving shirt 🙂

I had my nephew take a picture of Tony and me in my parents backyard… he of course had to start by taking some shots of us moving and not being ready *sigh* kids today, haha.

Kid takes a pretty dang decent picture though!

My dad roasted a turkey, and my mom made a TON of traditional side dishes. I am allllll about the sides!

After we stuffed ourselves, Tony, my sister, and I headed to JC Penneys for their early Black Friday sale. We basically went, grabbed our $10 off of $10 coupons and left so we could just go back on Black Friday to do our actual shopping.

Thanksgiving night was really quiet and relaxed. Tony and I stayed at my sister’s house and we all watched movies before bed.

We found a few great Black Friday deals this year, but our favorite by FAR was the air fryer! After sale/rebate/and $10 off coupon- that baby cost us about $11! WOOHOO!!!

After our JC Penney’s trip, we all went to my parents’ house and helped them put up their Christmas decorations. I sat down to do a little light reading.. Who needs Dave Ramsey when you have the Berenstain Bears to guide you?! (Just kidding. I need Dave.)

Once the tree was up and everything was put away, we sat down for a “friendly” game of UNO.

Friday night was again, spent relaxing with the family. Then Saturday, Tony and I headed home so we could start decorating my place for CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSS! But first: lunch.

I love Christmas. And I mean LOVE IT. But I have to admit; decorating can really wear me out! So I may have taken some breaks throughout the process… to drink wine.

But I got a LOT done with my giant tree as you can see 🙂

And Tony put lights up on my balcony! It was a perfectly cozy night watching Christmas Vacation with the doors open so we could enjoy the colorful lighting.

Sunday morning, we slept in and then made egg white burritos *drool*

Raja loves Tony so much. It makes my heart happy.

We decided to get our Christmas card pictures done that day too!

I should send some out of just the cats too haha!

I’m on the party committee at work this year for Christmas, so I decided to throw a “decorate your desk” contest. I decked mine out pretty well, but some people went ALL OUT and it is awesome! I’ll post pictures later 🙂

Let’s end this with a relaxing fireplace photo and Andrea’s cat Frank.

Are you excited for Christmas?

What’s your favorite holiday?


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