A Whole Lotta December!

This post will be big. Like BIG big. So I suggest grabbing a nice hot coffee or tea before settling in to read 😉

I’m obviously incredibly behind on posting. With the new year comes high-stress and workload at my job. So I don’t have a lot of spare time between mid-December and mid-January. So please bear with this long catch-all of a post.

On December 2nd (yeeeeep, I am THAT far behind haha!) I went on a mini road trip with my friend Carrie and her kids to a church that puts on this interactive Nativity story.

I had never been to something like that before and it was SO MUCH FUN. We walked through the dimly lit hallways of the building and were greeted by a shepherd. He led us into a resting area where we were given goats milk, lamb, and trail miix.

Then we were given “shekles” the spend at the local marketplace. They had all sorts of things available to purchase OR learn how to make. I made a woven tapestry.

Once we left the marketplace, we were lead to the stable where Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus were. They sang and had a choir in the room as well! And sheep! It was SO COOL!

After we made it all the way through, we went to Carrie’s sister in law’s for some coffee and fudge (that we got at the little “marketplace”).

I got home late to find these creeps under the tree.

Sunday was spent being lazy with the kitty butts.

The following Monday, we had our first mini blizzard of the season.

I got home from work and made a snack while my buffalo turkey meatloaf baked.

A random workday lunchtime.

So obsessed with this shirt my sister sent me!

On the 7th I went to my coworker’s house and she chopped my hair! (She used to be a hair stylist).

The next day Tony came up for the weekend after work. We went to my friend Andrea’s to hang out for a couple hours after dinner.

The following day (Saturday), Tony and I went to our favorite antique store. I found an idea for cute trees!!

I of course had to attempt to make my own 🙂

That evening we went to my work Christmas party at the country club in town.

Our work Christmas parties are pretty amazing. We have great food, drinks, and LOTS of prizes. We even play Deal or No Deal for BIG money. I was pretty pumped just to win the “left right center” game we played after the party haha.

We may have stopped by Carrie’s afterwards..

Look at those tiny paws!

The week before Christmas, I threw a contest (I was on the Christmas party committee) for decorating our desks! A lot of people got involved and the office was really full of Christmas spirit!

You know what’s fun about North Dakota in the Winter? NOTHING. It is constantly below 0 degrees and you will often slip on ice and fall. Which I did. Three times outside my building.

Photo evidence of my nails looking nice… the middle one promptly broke about an hour later.

The only present I need!

After work on the 14th I went to Carrie’s to help her craft for her son’s Ninja Turtles party.

Creeps waiting for me at home in the darkness.

On the following Saturday my sister came to town with her pup!

We did some shopping and had lunch at my place. Rogue was mad to have someone new (a dog) up in her space.

My handsome boy in his scarf. Hello model!

Winding down with A Charlie Brown Christmas, a chicken in the oven, and some crafting.

Raja shoved his way under the tree no matter how hard it was…

My boss’ dog all ready for the holidays haha!

One of my coworkers brought me homemade soup. SO GOOD!

A few days before Christmas, Carrie and I made a triple batch of puppy chow!

And had some drinks.

On the 21st, a bunch of us from work went out to happy hour. Free taco/nacho bar AND my drink was paid for? Heck yeah!

The next day, Tony came to town. Raja was very pleased.

He brought me a bunch of Christmas presents and spoiled me rotten. Here are two of my favorites haha!

On Christmas Eve EVE, we drove to my home town and met up with two of my best friends from high school for lunch.

Gifts from friends who know you too well!

When we got to my parents’ house afterwards, I asked my dad if we could have a fire in the fireplace… this was his response… *sigh*

My sister got my parents this Whoville tree and it was the coolest looking plant ever!

After a long day it was nice to relax at my sister’s house. Comfy cozy with the pup.

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday, so we went to church in the morning.

After church we headed back to my parent’s house for brunch.

We kind of just lounged around until dinner time.


My family opens our gifts on Christmas Eve night. We turn on some Christmas music, I cracked a bottle of wine with my grandma, and we opened all of the gifts.

I got Boo this “tough to destroy” toy… that she tore to shreds within 5 minutes. LITERALLY. 5 minutes.

Ahhh Christmas Day. My favorite day of the whole year. We were up bright and early for Church. You have to get there early on holidays or your spot will get stolen! 😉 The church was breathtaking.

After mass we went to my cousin’s house for the big family Christmas (my mom’s side). We did a potluck!

After lunch, we played white elephant. My nephew won this… hahaha. He promptly traded it off.

Super cute baby Groot cutting board my cousin’s wife won!

Then we played a fun game where we took turns drawing a number and the number corresponded to different gift cards. I walked away with cards to a lot of my favorite places! 🙂

There were 5 dogs at their house. It was insane haha.

I stayed for a bit and played some games with my cousins before getting on the road back home. I was sad to leave family, but happy to come home to this sight.

On the 26th, Tony’s cousin and his girlfriend from Michigan came to town. I met up with them for dinner and then we went to Junkyard Brewery and played through a box of Cards Against Humanity.

Ahhh I loved my tree so much.

We had a catered lunch from Moe’s Grill the next day at work.

And I met up with my friend Amanda for a lonnnng overdue sushi date! Followed by a giant strawberry at work!

I was super excited on the Friday before New Years because one of my very best friends came to town and so did Tony! We all went to dinner at a place downtown called No Bull. It was delicious!

Off on an adventure on that Saturday. Mainly just to go find me this hat that I absolutely had to have.

Tony took me to a fancy dinner that night as well. We went the night before New Years Eve so we could beat the crowds. 

We also tried out the new air fryer later that night.

Annnnd the next day I woke up with a KILLER stomach flu. So I suppose we can stop right there! 🙂


Thanks for tagging along on this long journey!



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