January is a Good Time to Hit the Refresh Button

You can probably gather from the title of this post that we’ll be lookin at my January adventures. But I also wanted to convey the fact that I really love to use Januarys as a kind of “reset” for my mind and body. I know a lot of people chant that whole “New Year, new me!” slogan (I have done the same in the past), but my most recent new years have been more about taking little steps to better myself. I don’t do the whole crash diet starting January first. Instead, I like to ease into lifestyle changes like incorporating more fruit into my diet… and less candy. So you will see some healthy things and some not so healthy things in this post: because I FIRMLY believe that life is all about balance (for me anyway).

I drove to Tony’s place 2.5 hours away on the 5th. We did some shopping and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

I was pretty excited to find this cat notepad holder at a thrift store for $1.50 considering I actually had the same one on my Amazon wish list for about $15! SCORE.

The next day I woke up and Tony said “Wanna go to the biggest craft store in the midwest?” Uhhh YEP. Does he know the way to my heart or what?! We drove to a store called Crafts Direct and oh MY. I found my Heaven. It was like a mix of Michaels/Hobby Lobby/and World Market! I loved it!!

Image result for crafts direct st cloud mn

I’ve been doing pretty darn well with my Dave Ramsey spending/saving system, so I ended up just buying a couple canvases to paint and a few funny cookie cutters.

After walking every aisle, we headed to his parents’ house to have their family Christmas. We opened presents, played a ton of card games, and had pizza. It was a GREAT day.

Tony and I decided to do some painting that night. I wonder who made what…

On Sunday morning, we went with his parents to church and then out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Little Fiesta. It was some of the best Mexican food I have ever had.

I headed back home later that afternoon.

Monday mornings are hard. I think they’re hard for pretty much everyone, no? However, I find myself rejuvinated and peaceful when I leave for work and see a sunrise like this!!

Monday night was all about Real Housewives re-runs on Hulu and meal planning!

I also hung up Tony’s painting on my eclectic art wall. I love this wall as it’s filled mainly with art made by my friends and family (plus a few store bought pieces).

After work the next day, I went to my friend Carrie’s house.

They have a giant bear… so naturally I set him up on the couch in a creepy way :’)

Wednesday morning I was greeted with another stunning sunrise!

I went shopping after work that night and stocked up on healthy foods!

On Friday, my sister came to town for an appointment and we met up for lunch!

I got a steak-topped salad from Granite City. SO. GOOD.

Friday nights=lazy cuddles in my house.

And Saturdays apparently=creepy staredowns.

That whole weekend was dedicated to deep cleaning. I finally went through my insane tupperware cabinet… Left side are matches and right side is all of the extra lids??? HOW? I DON’T KNOW. It felt good to go through them and get rid of the non-matches.

Sunday was all about cleaning the carpets. Rogue wasn’t very helpful.

I rewarded myself with some healthy homemade shrimp fajitas for dinner!

The faces of shame… haha. Just kidding. Cats feel NO SHAME.

Last Friday, the VP at my work brought in cookies in honor of the football game that was coming up.

Tony came to town after I got off of work 🙂 I made us pasta for dinner.

Raja wanted some.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Mapleton to a brewery Tony has been wanting to try. We played games and had a ton of fun!

That night, we went on a sushi date with Carrie and her husband. We planned it all the way back in December so I was PUMPED! We all did the all you can eat and stuffed ourselves silly.


I also bought a mug for $5 because I love coffee mugs and I reeeeally love sushi.

I got up early on Sunday and cuddled with Raja while Tony slept.

I decided to make breakfast for us. He was pretty happy to wake up to bacon, cinnamon french toast, and garlic potatoes 🙂

I realized that afternoon that I pretty much have NO purple clothing. So I had to improvise and turn my one purple t-shirt inside out and put it on over a mustard yellow shirt so I could fit in at the football party at Carrie’s house hahaha.

We had a Bloody Mary bar and it was incredible.

The game didn’t go so well for the Vikings… but it was still a fun day!

Did you do anything fun this past weekend?!


  1. Susie says:

    Hi Anna! So sweet that Tony took you craft shopping. Your art wall is so fun and cool!
    You are rocking that dark lip -looks good on you!
    My cat is forever knocking over my glasses of water and it still drives me crazy….but I can’t get upset with my old girl . .. she is almost 15. What’s the longest you’ve ever had a cat live?

    Oh, and I only went to Miranda Lambert’s concert this past weekend…does that count as fun? 😉 It was awesome!
    Have a great week!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Susie!! Thank you for the kind words ❤️ 15 years old?! That is amazing! To be honest, I grew up as a dog only type of girl and never had a cat before these two babies. But I sure hope they live very happy, healthy, and LONG lives!

      Yes that absolutey counts as fun! I bet it was awesome! Thanks as always for stopping by. Have a wonderful week! XOX

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