Put On Your Crafty-Pants: Coffee Mug Display!

I hope your week is off to a great start! I wanted to make a quick crafting/DIY post about a coffee mug display that Tony and I made last weekend.

I have a lot of coffee mugs… it’s kind of an obsession of mine. If I see a cute one.. or funny one.. or pretty one.. I just need them all! So naturally, I wanted a way to display a handful of them instead of them being hidden away in a cupboard.

I did a lot of Pinterest creeping and decided I would like a wooden one best, as I am a lover of anything rustic looking. Luckily for me, I have a sister who finds me lots of great wood pieces to craft with! So I had two small pallets to work with and figured they’d be great. But really, you can use whatever wood is easiest to find, as long as it’s sturdy and strong.

What you need:

  • Two small wooden pallets (or one medium/large/etc)
  • Curved hooks (as many as you want to hang) I used this kind (they came with the screws as well)
  • An electric drill
  • Screws (if your hooks don’t come with them)
  • a ruler
  • a marker
  • 2-3 flat metal or bronze brackets/braces (if you need to combine your wood)


Clean your wood of any dirt or debris and lay them on a flat surface. Figure out the spacing you want between each hook by setting them up on the board. Then lay a coffee cup to see how much room you will need when it hangs.

Use a ruler to make sure that the hooks are level with each other and straight.

Next, use the marker to make dots on the wood through the screw holes of the hooks to mark their place.

One by one, carefully use the drill to screw the hooks onto the wood.

*If you are using one large piece of wood/a pallet, you won’t need this step*

Combine the two pallets by screwing some metal braces into both pieces. We thought about combining the boards on the back of the wood so it wouldn’t be visible, but then we came across these beautiful bronze pieces and decided to add them right to the front.


Now, we want this thing to be STURDY. It’ll be holding breakables, after all. So Tony and I added 3 metal braces to the middle where the two pallets meet to make sure it is kept together tightly.

Finished product!

And finished product with the cute mugs added!

This piece can be carefully leaned against a wall or hung on one. But if you are hanging it up- please make sure it is hung VERY carefully and on a wall that can support all of the weight.

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